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 I was surfing Wikipedia for synonyms for “black holes" ...

I was surfing Wikipedia for synonyms for “black holes” to see if it would help me come up with a name for my latest mix (I came up with “Transverible Nakedness” and “Cosmic Censorship,” and I came across this interesting statement in the article on the “Black Hole Information Paradox:”  Information is stored in a baby universe that separates from our own universe:  Disadvantage: It is difficult to find an appealing concrete theory that would predict such a scenario.  Really, Wikipedia?  You’re surrounded by a very observable universe that apparently originated from a particle with infinite density, but you can’t come up with a theory predicting that squishing matter from a collapsing star into a particle with infinite density might result in the creation of a universe?  You’ve gotta scratch your head sometimes.  Apparently Stephen Hawking talked about this a lot, but I’m still amazed no one was able to come up with something.
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