Zonker the Brainless, alternately known as Tortusoid or Zonik, has no hair and an ear for really weird sounding tunes. Mixing since October 2006, Zonker's musical background consists of singing in a barbershop quartet and air-guitaring the bass part in Bela Fleck's Sinister Minister. Raised in Yellow Springs, Ohio, hippie oasis in a sea of rednecks, Zonker's sense of isolation and alienation expressed itself in a taste for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and Suicidal Tendencies, which evolved later into a fascination with industrial sounds like Skinny Puppy and Art of Noise-tinged electronica.

Disappearing from the face of the earth for a period of ten years after he started graduate school, had two kids, and changed jobs three times in two years, he came up for air in 2005 when by pure chance he heard Sasha's Rabbitweed on rhapsody's internet radio and wondered, where the hell can I hear more of that? Has been driving family crazy with obsession with electronic music (or as he calls it, "music that doesn't suck") ever since.

Zzonik - Stunning Machines 2186
Zzonik - Broken Gods 2233
Zzonik - Transversable Nakedness 2435
Zzonik - Signal to Noise Ratio 2462
Zzonik - In the No (RK2 Podcast) 2698
Zzonik - Snopacalypse 2687
Zzonik - Platonic Erotic 2885
DJ Spork - Voodoo Zombie Breakz 2885
Zzonik - Nightmare Butterfly 2738
Zzonik - Thumper 3108
Zzonik - Exhausted Possibility 2980
Zzonik - Unexpected Reflection 2988
Zzonik - Unmelter 2782
Zzonik - Starburn 2794
Zzonik - Afterburst 2944
Zzonik - Interstitial Expansion 2729
Zzonik - Ebony Refraction 2577
Zzonik - Menthol Sssteamroller 2801
Zonik - Melt Me 3895
Zonik - Melt (Dark) 2995
Zonik - Winter Storm 2969
Stefan - Strung Out 3314